Targeted Internet Marketing For Realtors and Insurance Agencies

We hyper target your specific ideal niche market and generate highly qualified leads and appointments with image, video ads, AI and workflow automations.


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We help realtors and insurance agencies close 6-figure months in sales and our guarantee is pretty simple:

You get the results or your money back

How Are We Different?

We are a marketing technology company that has developed a system which generates highly interested prospects that are ready-to-close real estate or insurance prospects.

Many of these high quality leads are scheduled on your calendar as an appointment after they go through a nurturing and qualification process.

Appointments That Are Waiting For Your Call.

Artificial intelligence to get the perfect Ideal Client Profiles to target.

Highly relevant and your specific niche market leads.

Our leads know what they are getting into. We do not post misleading or gimmicky ads on the internet and then sell a bunch of names and numbers as leads.

101% Exclusive. No Contracts. Ever.

No long contracts or major commitments.

Pause, Resume Or Terminate our services whenever you want to.

Our appointments are 100% exclusive to the specific clients we are working with.

No Cost Per Lead. Fixed Monthly Cost.

No cost per lead or Lead Packages

Fixed Monthly Plan depending upon the appetite of your business.

We don’t flip leads for double the price. Moreover, we care about what you make as an ROI out of the appointments that we schedule for you.

You Track The ROI.

Accurately track your investments and ROI on our services.

Web-based CRM software that tracks your ROI in real-time.

Gone are the days of guesswork and manually calculating the marketing expenses and profits made out of them.


How we help realtors and Insurance agencies close 6-figures per month

Our clients love us


Partnering up with Tekzop of was extremely profitable for me. They have generated more than $300k in sales with Google PPC ads for me and my clients.

Pablo Umana, Rainmakers Media


I was a bit hesitant on starting my project with Tekzop as I have been dropped multiple times by multiple agencies, but these guys are exceptionally professional and delivered a lot more than my expectation…”

Owner, Addi Miller Photography


“Our pipeline has increased by 20% and our conversions have doubled. Tekzop has saved my department tremendous amounts of time and enabled us to launch campaigns that are very successful.”

Guido Croce, Founder at Featurely

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our goal is to give you complete control of your account.  We allow you to set a monthly budget notification and give you the ability to pause your campaigns if you get too busy or need a break.

We generate leads from various ad platforms such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Our job is to be in places where your most ideal clients are looking for your services.

The cost depends upon the industry, locations and business type. Usually the higher the cost of work that you provide, the higher cost will be.

Yes we do guarantee certain number of leads or appointments depending on your market, ideal prospect type and volume of business you are looking for. Please schedule a Demo with our business consultant to know more.

We're The Agency That Other Agencies Learn From

Through our coaching program created by our Founder “AGENCYPROS by Yash Badgujar”, we’ve taught hundreds of other agencies how to generate exceptional results for their clients.

Got A Sales Goal?
Let Us Help You Overachieve.


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Industries We Work With

Real Estate

We are a marketing technology company that has developed


We are a marketing technology company that has developed


Yash Badgujar

- Founder & CEO

“Tekzop Technologies” was started back in 2019. And it has been working selflessly to improve people’s business strategies and selling the right products to the right clientele. Yash has been working in the industry for a long time now. He says,” I started learning about website design and SEO when I was 12 years old.

I started applying it when I was 13. I did SEO for my own website which boomed up. It has been more than six years now that I have been doing SEO for my own website which boomed up. But only after a few years in the field was that I found out that my real passion is ads and not SEO. Coming from a background where I have a lot of experience in SEO, Landing page conversion optimization

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